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Sabtu, 02 Juli 2011

[NEWS] 2PM Wooyoung’s mother talks about their family’s struggles with Wooyoung’s dream

2PM Wooyoung’s mother recently came out on SBS’s ‘Dalgona‘ and revealed their family’s struggle with her son’s dream.

On the show’s July 1st broadcast, Wooyoung’s mother, Yeo Sun Joo, talked about Wooyoung’s relationship with his father and shared that she almost divorced her husband because of Wooyoung’s dream to become a singer.

She stated, “My husband and I almost went separate ways because of Wooyoung… Wooyoung’s father wanted him to become an official; however, since Wooyoung had an interest in dance since he was young, he neglected his studies.”

Wooyoung’s mother also shared that her husband didn’t approve of his son’s dreams during that time.She shared that his father forced Wooyoung to transfer to a private school in Busan in 5th grade.“From then on, there were conflicts and wars within our household,” she said.

Yeo Sun Joo continued to share that Wooyoung–who couldn’t give up his dreams–started to attend a dance school behind his father’s back to keep his dreams alive. As a result, his grades dropped. Eventually his father started to have his suspicions and thus took Wooyoung’s PMP–which was filled with dance videos–and broke it. After this incident, the conflicts between the two only worsened.

As Wooyoung’s mother revisted her son’s hard past, her eyes started to water. She said, “I told him that it’d be better if he just attended [the dance school] without his father’s knowledge but he told me that he would continue to beg his father until his heart loosened up. We cried like children during that time… Just thinking about those times and hearing my son’s name makes me cry.”

Meanwhile, Wooyoung–who never gave up–eventually got permission from his father to follow his dreams and his mother showed him continual support and love through his entire journey.

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