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Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011

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2PM Show Q&A

2PM Show Q&A
Credits: 2pmalways
Q:  You are often seen reading various books, is there any book that left you a deep impression? (sent by Yu Heunglan) 
First Taec says he’s not sure whether he really reads books that often. Then he says that so far the book which left him the greatest impression is Kim Jin-myung’s “The Rose of Sharon Blooms Again”. He read while he was in the US in his middle school days. He says that this book taught him a lot about Korea and Koreans, so he likes that book a lot.
Q: Oppa, how do you pick which clothes to wear? (sent by Lee Hyeryeon)Taecyeon says, he just looks which clothing item is the closest to his bed when he wakes up in the morning. He says his fashion sense seems to be weird, because he doesn’t care much, and just wears whatever catches his eye in the morning.
Q: Oppa, did you really eat 49.5 bananas? (sent by An Yura)Chansung says that he most probably have. Just by staying at the dorm, and eating one by one and working with computer. He says it’s kind of scary. (T.N. he means that it’s possible to eat that much without even noticing as you do something else)
Q: Oppa, what on earth you DON’T eat? (sent by Mun Hyojeong)Chansung says, ah, again a question about food. Then he says that from his experience he hasn’t encountered a meal he wouldn’t eat yet. He says he thinks he can eat anything.
Q: Nichkhun’s Know-How against Hot weather. (sent by Yun Misuk)Nichkhun says he doesn’t have one single method, he thinks it’s just possible to fight the hot weather eating something cold like ice-cream or shaved ice. He says Koreans usually eat warm meals in summer, but he likes to eat ice-cream in summer.
Q: Language genius Nichkhun! Which language do you consider the hardest to learn among Thai, English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese? (sent by Park Jeongsu)Nichkhun thinks that Thai is the hardest to learn, because the vocabulary is difficult and the pronunciation is hard too. He finds Chinese easier than Thai. He also says that Japanese is not hard to learn when you know Korean (T.N. AGREED!! ♥), so he doesn’t find Japanese too challenging.
Q: What makes oppa’s heart beat? 
Wooyoung says it’s dance.The reason for that is whenever he’s dancing to the music or just imagining it, he thinks he’s the happiest then. He says he’s a singer, because dancing is very interesting, and music makes him excited. Following the rhythm is happiness.
Q:  What’s the method to have good skin?Wooyoung says that he’s not exactly sure. He says that up to the high school days he didn’t have much trouble with his skin. But when he reached his 20’s the things got worse, and he was really worried and stressed about it. He says that he has to take care of his skin a lot, because it gets damaged from all the make-up that he needs to wear. He says one has to wash one’s face well, then use skin lotion.
Q: Do you shower first? Do you wash your head first? Do you wash your face first? Do you brush your teeth first? 
Junho says he washes his face first, then his head, then he takes a shower and brushes his teeth.Then he says, that it’s wrong, he goes into the shower first, let’s the water run, washes his face, then his hair, and eventually brushes his teeth.
Q: What’s “instant” to Junho? 
Junho says that it’s something that is easy to come across and something very popular. He says that even though he said that Junsu’s songs are “instant, he didn’t mean it the bad way? It’s just something that everyone likes.
Q: It seems that lately 2PM are the models for mainstream variety. Do you think so as well?Junsu says that it just happened that way and he personally doesn’t think that they are mainstream. He didn’t have any wish to be involved in the variety in the beginning. He just wanted to make music. He also thinks that it’s best to show your true self during variety programs.
Q: What if your girlfriend would wear her pants as low as you? 
Junsu says that it is out of question, because it would cause a lot of trouble. He says that even though there are a lot of people in his circle of friends who wear their pants like that, but a girlfriend should never do that. 

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[NEWS] JYP Nation to broadcast Japan concert live in theaters!

[NEWS] JYP Nation to broadcast Japan concert live in theaters!
JYP Entertainment’s upcoming family tour in Japan, ‘JYP NATION in Japan 2011‘, will be broadcast live in Japanese theaters!
According to representatives, fans who can’t attend the concert at the Saitama Super Arena on August 18th will be able to watch it live in theaters. Since it features top stars like 2AM, 2PM, miss A, the Wonder Girls, Lim Jung Hee, JOO, San-E, and many other Hallyu stars, it’s an event that fans definitely won’t want to miss.
2AM, who couldn’t join the family last year, will also be introduced into the Japanese market as the ‘brother group of 2PM’.
‘JYP Nation in Japan 2011′ will be held on August 17th and 18th.

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[INFO] 2PM will be performing at the Play Smart Music Festival on August 29 from 9:20 - 9:50PM KST

Chan Sung me2day Update

AUG 2011
하하 요고요고..ㅋㅋ 오후 3시 18분
일본에서 먹은 진짜 대빵큰 우동!! 이게 2인분이라는데.. 맛있긴했지만 이정도로 클줄은 상상도 못했던우리..ㅋㅋ택연이형은 3인분시켰다가 못먹었다는..하하 암튼 잘 먹었습니다~~!!오후 3시 17분