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Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

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[Translations] WPK Interview, Summer 2011

[Translations] WPK Interview, Summer 2011

Journalist: So does that mean that the song has something in common with all the songs that have been previously released in Korea?
Nichkhun: Eventually it became a very attractive dance song!

Journalist: Can you show it a little bit here? That dance…
Oh, I haven’t seen a dance like this before!! It really seems like it’s going to be a hit, just like Wooyoung says.

Nichkhun: But it’s very hard to practice this dance. We’ve tried really hard to make it look like it does not require strength at all, and that it’s a very free dance…

Journalist: I want to see it live as soon as possible. Although I would also like to talk about your previous activities. You had a Zepp your, haven’t you. Before that, you’ve also had a showcase… That’s a great deal. Not everyone is able to do a Zepp tour, even among the Japanese artists. It’s hard if you are not a famous singer. What’s your main goal in Japan in the future? What would you like to do?

Nichkhun: I also want to have a concert on a slightly bigger stage. For example in Nippon Budokan or Tokyo Dome.
Everyone: That’s right but… we must work hard for it.
Nichkhun: We’ll keep on working hard, because we really want to do it!

Journalist: Then the last two questions! What is 2PM to you? And what is music to you?

Nichkhun: I think 2PM is the best chance I’ve received so far. I can’t even image what I would be doing now if I weren’t a member of 2PM.
Chansung: A cook perhaps?
Everyone: *laughs*
Nichkhun: Either way, that’s why I think it’s a great chance I’ve received. And music is a kind of bridge. A bridge which connects different people and different countries…
Everyone: A bridge which connects heart to heart. Peace!